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snakebabe snake print body painted at Spike TV AXE body spray promo
Whether you need a Model/ Showgirl to greet people at your function, a full one hour magic show, a fire eater, or a snake charmer for your special event, you only need to ask for one lady, Maria, The SnakeBabe.

maria head shotWhen you look at her promo you would never know that she owns 26 snakes, seven lizards, other exotic animals and she can bring them to any function you have!!! This is not your average girl. Maria has been working with exotic animals for close to 25 years now and is performing with them everywhere.

She is also a magician, but with twist. Visit her as seen on to view clips from live shows as well as tv appearances.

And let's not forget the fiery femme fatalle. Sexy fire eating sets intertwined with snake displays add awe to any event.

For booking information please email my manager at

Television and Film Appearances

· 1998-1999 Billboard Music Awards (snakes)
· TNN's Primetime Country (snakes)
· Film: “Baby Geniuses” (snakes, tarantulas)
· E! Television- “Wild On” Series (fire eater & snakes)
· NBC's “You Asked For It” (featured act)
· Aladdin Hotel Casino commercial (fire eater & snake charmer)
· “The Tonight Show” (Handling Birds of Prey)
· NBC's “The World's Greatest Magic II” (Monkey)
· Fremont Street Las Vegas commercial (fire eater)
·maria head shot “Card Sharks” game show (featured actor with snakes)
· “Late Night w/ David Letterman”
· Fred Nassiri Music Video (showgirl)
· William's Oil Co. national commercial (tortoises)
· “To Tell the Truth” Game Show (guest with snakes)
· Travel Channel commercial (snakes)
· Nevada Health Care commercial (fire eater)
· Playboy's “Sexcetera” (magician)
· “The Jerry Springer Show” (featured magician)
· “30 Seconds to Fame” (featured act)
· "Blind Date" (snakey activity for the daters)
· Penn & Teller's "BullShit" on Showtime (provided exotic animals)
· “Penthouse Vegas” (featured guest)
· “Steely Dan Confessions” (featured performer)
· “America's Most Wanted” (snake charmer)
· “Ripleys Believe it or Not” (feature)
· Animal Planet special "Secrets of Animal Magic" (feature)
· Animal Planet's "The Pet Psychic" (yes, she spoke to my snake)
· Animal Planet's "Lance Burton's Guerilla Magic" (finale magician)
· Roger Corman's "Crocosaur" (fire eater & snakes in bar scene)
· Hosting Comedy Central’s “Friday Night Stand Up”
· “Taff” German Television show (feature w/ snakes)
· 2005 Spring Paris Hilton “Guess” photo shoot (snakes)
· E!’s “The Entertainer” opening party (fire & snakes)
· "Vegas Virgins" British reality show (feature w/snakes)
· Learning Channel reality show currently in production,
no title yet. (fire eater)
· And more...

maria head shotOther Appearances Include:

· Studio 54 (Fire & Snakes featured every Tuesday night for 9 years)
· Florida International Reptile Expo (feature magician)
· 9th Annual Gentleman's Club Expo (magician at finale party)
· "The Roger Lee Show" at The Riviera (guest star)
· "Hot Trix" star magician at The Plaza Hotel Casino
· "It's Magic" (CA. annual show) (magician)
· Magicopolis Santa Monica (featured magician)
· Ladies Night Out Comedy Revue (feature magician)
· Tarzan Movie Premiere Party (Snakes)
· Man in the Iron Mask release party (Snakes)
· Celine Dion's wedding reception at Caesar's Palace (Snakes)
· The Beach Movie Premiere Party, Hollywood, CA (Snakes)
· Committed Movie Premiere Party, Beverly Hills, CA (Snakes)
· Maxim Hot 100 Party (Snakes)
· Jerry Springer’s Too Hot to Handle II” DVD
· Steely Dan Confessions CD/ DVD (Snakes)
· Splash II at the Riviera in Las Vegas, Assisting two time Magic Castle Magician of the Year award winner, Jason Byrne and his Post Modern Magic
· Polygon in Zurich, Switzerland, "Remember Me" revue
· "Magic Gone Wild" Magic Show at The Flamingo O’Sheas (Star of show)
· World Music Awards after party (hostess)
· Radio Music Awards pre-show party ( hostess w/ snakes)
· And more...

maria head shotFeatures and Articles

· Las Vegas Weekly
· Gaming Today
· Weekly World News
· "The Picture" Australia's # 1 mens mag.
· California After Dark
· Rrrails Magazine -Holland
· Las Vegas City Life Magazine Voted "Best Entertainer...2001" by locals in Las Vegas

· Maxim Magazine India

Misc Pic & Clips from various events because the camera just can’t stay away from the snakes:

Daily Variety
InStyle Magazine
Extra television show
Entertainment Tonight
VH1, plus more I probably don't know about


maria head shotFeatures and Articles

Corporate clients include:

IBM, Nokia, American Express, Culligan, Kraft/ Nabisco, Blue Man Group, Adult Video Network Awards, COMDEX , World Gaming, Western Beauty Assoc., Liquid Blue, almost every casino in Las Vegas, plus 100's more.

Wow, I work way too much, I should take a vacation...

Be it a corporate event, private party, televison commercial, or feature act Maria is available with or without exotic animals and has the costumes to fit any theme and bring a nonstop attraction to your event.

Maria is a Goverment issued USDA licensed exhibitor of exotic animals.
All animal and fire shows are covered by her own personal insurance.
She has a proven safety record for over a decade.
Certificates of Insurance available on request.