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Fear Factor

What is becoming of society when a TV show has to kill and abuse animals for entertainment? I know they are only bugs, snakes and rats but these creatures feel pain and fear like any dog or cat and you know these activities would never be allowed with the cute fuzzier mammals. Has society become so insensitive to suffering that it is OK to kill critters as long as they don’t cry out loud like a dog or cat? Don’t call me a sissy, I enjoy a monster movies, I loved seeing Freddie Kruger rip sexually active teenagers apart with his claws but it’s all a movie. It’s not real, no one gets hurt! But in shows like Fear Factor the animals are real and the animals do suffer, feel pain and die! Are shows like this taking the next step toward “Snuff Films” by implanting millions of viewers with the thought its OK to kill things for entertainment? It actually scares me. Society is going downhill so fast…

I have not found too much support against fear factor, but I did find a rat fan club that is trying to do something about it. They list addresses you can write to.


Rattle Snake Round-ups Suck

I do understand that there could be a problem with over population of dangerous snakes that could kill cattle or people. They do need to be controlled, but not as entertainment. Are we as a people so depraved that watching something die is entertainment? How sick is that. Yet thousands gather yearly for rattlesnake round ups in which families teach their kids to fear snakes and kill that which we don't understand. Sad.

For the sad truth about about roundups please visit www.hsus.org/wildlife/issues_facing_wildlife/
for more info. And if you would like to donate to a rattlesnake roundup rescue please visit


Please visit www.eatwild.com and learn why range free is better for you and the environment. They also have links to dozens of range free farms you can buy your meat from. Also if anyone lives near the range free farms they have listed I would love to have someone visit them and get back to me on what they think of the facilities. I also have my issues of what is considered free range. Of course if I ever get to these areas I will report as well.

Rodeos are for the brainless

I used to think that to be a cowboy you had to have a good heart inside and a tuff exterior outside. You ought to be ashamed to use that tuff exterior to bring fear and pain into a calf or bulls life. Leave them alone. Be a real man like a cowboy should be. Be kind and protect the defenseless. Please visit my favorite site

Bull fighting AKA torture of the innocent

I just don't get it. There are people who find it romantic or exciting to kill an animal for entertainment. They say it is their culture. So is killing Jews to Nazi's or prejudice to the KKK. Culture and history is often proven to be full of idiots. Killing again for entertainment. I just do not get it.

Pet shops AKA: torture chambers

This is where we go to buy animals and get the worst information on their care. Instead of reading books or talking to a qualified veterinarian we listen to some of the greedy pet shop owners or typically uninformed employees on how to care for our new little responsibility. We get bad information and the animals suffer for our laziness. Yes, I blame the purchaser along with the pet shop but the pet shop is 9 out of 10 times the first source of information and they express that they are knowledgeable and make us feel like we did what is right and its usually wrong. Breeders are a better bet but many will say anything to sell an animal rather than feed and house it. It all comes down to $$$. Spend time at the local ASPCA or dog pound and you will have a whole new outlook on pet shops and their effect on animals with the poor information. Please remember that this is not every pet shop but in my 20 years experience I have yet to see a pet shop that hold to the standards I express in my animal care pages.

PETA can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em

I totally respect and admire most what they do. I used to be a member and from what I understand of them they do not look at using animals in shows on a case by case basis so I am sure they would not accept my using reptiles in shows but I still applaud any group who tries to help the voiceless. I do not approve all their methods but I don't even approve of many of the things my friends do yet I still love them. Like friends, no group is perfect. So I simply take the good with the bad and chose to help in anyway I can and cause the least amount of harm as possible to any living being. I agree that some animals should not be used in shows. The size is just one in many factors that makes tigers, lions, elephants and such not worth the pain they go through for public displays. Although rare, I do believe that there are some wonderful and special relationships between animals and their owners and if they would look at each case individually instead of lumping us all in one big bunch they would find a wonderful kind of love. I do wish they would give more attention to reptiles. All I ever hear of is their efforts for fur and eating meat. Does it have to be cuddly to need love? I think not but PETA I thank you for all the great work you have done and wish you continued success. I hope one day to work with you in an effort to end cruelty. www.peta.com


Animal Medical testing testing 123

1) It is wrong. (and I believe usless, if cures for major diseases were found I don't think it would be shared. It would put many pharmecutical companies out of business)

2) It should be stopped.

3) Solution: Use the violent criminals in jail to contribute to society after taking from it. Yes I fully support human testing. Our medical science would advance so much faster if we were allowed to test on humans. Why not the scum of our society that commits violent crimes. The rapist, the child abuser, or the drunk driver that killed a family. Offer them the opportunity to volunteer to payback society instead of the death penalty by using their bodies as guinea pigs. They may suffer but did they care about the victims they killed, tortured, or lives they destroyed. This would be small pay back for their evils.

Read more here: https://www.pcrm.org/


I am at the end of my rope or should I say leash? I would much rather have Petshops be banned until all shelter animals have anew home so in the meantime I try to get petshops fix problems in there care for reptiles. Powers much stronger than I have written letters, picketed and done all in the power of the law to educate pet shops in their care for reptiles yet most just do not seem to care. Maybe it's because reptiles are not seen as cute and cuddly. Maybe it is because they don't cry when there in pain. Heck, even the USDA does not regulate reptiles. I use to think that the people in charge of their care just did not know any better but unfortunately I find that even after I send my staff in to talk with them months go by and not one change in the care of reptiles. There is one thing I feel I can do. My web site gives me access to thousands of viewers and if you so feel moved I would encourage you to write the petshops let them know your feelings. Tell them to contact me and I will take it from there if you like but help in any way you can.

The following is only one of my personal experiences with a pet shop:

I ask who their reptile person is. A guy walks up offering his services.

Maria: This asian water monitor, is it a good pet?

Petshop punk: Yes they are very friendly and you feed them crickets.

Maria: Hmmm interesting, how many crickets do they eat in say a week.

Petshop punk: a dozen until their adults then probably two dozen a week.

Maria: so as a full grown adult they will eat 24 crickets a week?

Petshoppunk: maybe more and you will need a 30-gallon aquarium for it. And a hot rock and a heat light bulb. They need it very hot, their reptiles you know.

Maria: (still trying to smile) It says here on the sign under the tank it eats rodents too.

Petshop punk: No, thats for the Savannah monitors that died. They use to be in the tank. They get much bigger.

Maria: (acting dumb) The thermometer in there says its 15% what does that mean

Petshop punk: That is a thermograph. It measures humidity. It is about 15% humidity in the tank

Maria: (thermograph??? Oh calm down SnakeBabe don't bite the kid's head off he's just trying to help I say to myself) Oh, I would think that a WATER monitor would need a high humidity.

Petshop punk: He gets all he needs soaking in his water bowl

Maria: (I am now sick looking at the water bowl full of feces and repti-bark that is to small for it to get half it's body into) Is that the bowl he could soak in?

Petshop punk: Yes, I got to get somebody to clean it. These kids here are afraid of this lizard. (I thought it was friendly?)

Maria: I see. If I may go back to the crickets, are you concerned that when he catches them he may get a mouth full of that bark along with the cricket?

Petshop Punk: If he does it just goes through his system

Maria: But at his size I would imagine it could get stuck in his tiny intestines

Petshop Punk: it gets digested a bit first.

Maria: Listen, you seem like a nice guy but I just got to tell you that you have given me so much wrong information on this reptile that I want to encourage you to please read up on them. I have got to leave now before I puke on you. ( I exit frustrated as usual.)

After all I've seen and experienced in my life I truly believe you should have to get a certificate of training issued by a licensed agency proving you are capable to care for your pet. I see no other way but to create legal recourse against people who purchase pets only to discard them once the fun has worn off. When you bought your snake what did you think. Didn't you know pythons grow too large for your dorm room? Didn't you know they bite, smell and need daily cleaning? Every job I do, without exception, I hear of stories about people saying I use to have this and used to have that but I found a good home for him. Bull! There are not enough good homes and I bet that second owner does not have the snake anymore either.

There is no excuse to pass off your unwanted pet to someone else.

Call the local pounds and see how many cats and dogs are euthanized due to the over population of unwanted animals. There are so many ads in papers, on supermarket message boards and on the walls at vets offices saying "Free to a good home." Don't be stupid. If you couldn't give it a good home what are the chances someone else will. When I have an animal ready to adopt back out to a new home I first visit the home check out all the caging and make sure it is as I told them to set it up, then maybe I'll let it go. I'm picky...

Can't you see they are scared?

I get asked about Steve Irwin and Jeff Corwin all the time so I will address it here. First I want to say out of all the wildlife shows out there Jeff Corwin is my favorite, but I do have my issues with these shows too...but you knew that already didn't you.

They seem like great guys but are any fans of Jeff Corwin or Steve Irwin concerned that the animals they pick up are often in fear for their lives? Most times an animal is picked up in the wild it is by other animals that are going to kill it or eat it. Don't you see them fighting as if for their lives?

These guys are inflicting the same kind of fear into these poor creatures just for our entertainment. How sad is that!

I understand that sometimes this must be done to medicate, treat, relocate, or even tag an animal for study, but how can we justify this torture just for our entertainment?

I personally believe that neither Jeff or Steve ever intend to harm any animal but they are intelligent and charismatic people that can teach equally as well without having to go so far as to inflict fear by handling the animals. But the problem is if they do not handle them there goes the excitement of the show and there goes ratings and there goes the money.

They are educating people but we can learn not to fear snakes, reptiles etc. by seeing them in the background just as well. Steve, Jeff, or whomever can still speak and point out interesting aspects. No animal is put through undue stress in this way.

Please be honest, do you think they would have the success they have if they did not risk themselves the way they do? Also, are the viewing public really there to be educated or see them get bit?

So when my fans or anti-SnakeBabe people ask me to handle wild animals I will decline and only handle my captive bred reptiles that are accustomed to being handled and show no sign of fear. I ask you the viewer to put yourself in the animal's place. Even as big as they are elephants charged Jeff out of the fear that he may harm the young in the heard. I would never put a mother animal through that kind of terror for human entertainment. Maybe for medical reasons or to save there lives by relocating them but never, never for entertainment. Let's put this in human perspective shall we...imagine you are in your backyard with your child, you see this total stranger suspiciously sneaking towards your child, what is he going to do, you start panicking, maybe screaming for help, I am sure most of you would even try to step in between your child and this stranger, trying to push your child to safety. Then he stops and says, "thanks, just wanted to get your reaction on tape," and walks away...

Since writing the above rant I had the unfortunate opportunity to hear of an appalling site on the discovery channel. On July 28th 2002, my husband was in Chicago and had a few minutes to turn on yet another animal show in which some "Expert" goes into the wild and handles animals. He watched hoping to see something good come out of this but what came on blew his mind. A snake slithering across the road, (if it was staged I do not know) was picked up and the guy complained about the snake musking him. If you do not know some snakes can spray a stinky musk like a skunk to drive predators away. I assure you, they do not do this because they are having fun. They are scared to death.

A human perpective again??? Think of what is like to be in a dark alley and have a guy ten times your size grab you. With no way to communicate he exposes you to lights and actions you have never seen or can begin to understand and then puts a gun to your head. Would you be scared? I would. After minutes of this horrible fear he lets you go. That is the feeling I believe the animals are experiencing at the hands of these experts but this guy on that July afternoon went farther. He noted that the animal had recently eaten. A lump was visible in the stomach area and he proceeded to squeeze the animals' body like a tube of toothpaste to force the food up through the snake and out its mouth. The sharp claws of a bird came out first followed by the rest of its partially digested body and he then let the snake go. Those claws could have lacerated the inside of that snake and probably did. That animal may be off somewhere dying just so this guy could entertain his audience and get ratings to see his show. Did we learn anything we don't already know? Yes, snakes eat birds. Why did they put that animal through that kind of abuse? What did the discovery channel have in mind when they bought that show?

I think that Discovery Channel and Animal Planet have some of the best shows about animals, heck I was on Animal Planet. I watch these two channels often. I just get so sad when I see that the animals are in fear for their lives. I think there are exceptions though, I have seen spiders, scorpions and even frogs, just sit there or crawl around like Jeff is just another tree. I grew up on Omaha's Wild Kingdom which was an amazing show and Blue Planet has taken it even further. When the animal has to be restrained or made to feel threatened I would prefer we watch from a distance the amazing animal in it's natural habitat.

Does this mean my Animal Planet special will never come to be???

Curious about my stance on your favorite issue? Even if it is not animal related e-mail me and I may address it here.