Interview with The SnakeBabe about Sex

snakebabe at eroctic heritage museum

Q- I suppose you get a lot of the same pick up lines.

A- Usually guys asking me if I want to hold their snake.

Q- What do you say to lines like that?

A- Only if theirs is bigger.


Q- Are you single?

A- Are you rich?!?

Q- C'mon, do you have a serious boyfriend?

A- A serious boyfriend? No, my husband would never let me have a serious boyfriend.

Q- I know that I catch myself staring at you and I apologize but I find you very attractive. Does it bother you to be stared at?

A- When I am working on stage, no. It is my job to be looked at but in my private life it does get to be a bit uncomfortable. One time at dinner a guy stared at my chest through the entire meal. I was so mad, I put on my shirt and left the restaurant.

Q- OK, enough bad jokes, on a more serious note, what made you decide to start your own web site?

A- At first it was for promotional purposes, to give my agents a place to see my magic videos and photos without having to incur the cost of postage and printing thousands of photos, now they can all see it anywhere in the world with just a click of their mouse. Then, I added a Hit counter and noticed I was getting thousands of hits per day and people were e-mailing me asking to purchase naked pictures. Well I am no dummy and when I got 40 hungry mouths to feed I put 2 and 2 together and made a pay site. Now I have extra cash to fund my animal rescue efforts. So there you have it,, where every orgasm helps and animal in need. Hah! I hope it to be a fun site that will also help snake and reptile lovers all over the world.

Q- Does it upset you to be looked at as a Sex object?

A- Not at all. If it bothered me then I shouldn't be in the adult business. I don't expect anymore than that from my fans. My husband, my friends and my family know me for other reasons but for those of you that come here to see me naked I would be a fool to expect anymore than that. Over the years fans have been great to me. Many may get to know me for more than just tits and ass but it is fine if they don't. So if your here to jerk off then whip it out and have some fun. No judgement here, don't feel bad about looking at me that way. For me it's a compliment that you find me attractive enough to orgasm. So thanks for the compliment and keep them cumming!

Q- Some may say, 'You're just using you body to make money, you're a slut.' Can you address that?

A- Hmmm, sounds like an old boyfriend who didn't get to first base. Am I using my body? Yup. Am I a slut? Yes I am but I am a very picky slut. I kind of have a thing for young guys with long hair, tattoos , eyeliner, you know, the Rock and Roll goth types.Now on to the slut part. I have no problem with sex as long as it's consenting adults. However, some people have issues with women that enjoy such a liberated sexual lifestyle and assume things that are not true about me. People want to call empowered women like me names such as "Slut" thinking our lives are empty except for porn and random sex. I can't speak for every girl in the adult industry but I will address some of the attack and how it's rediculous to think of me that way.

I personally run other businesses and have several people working for me. Three of these companies have nothing to do with my looks. Just animal knowledge and hard work make me a success in them. I earn enough money off these mainstream business to surive comfortably. I don't HAVE to do porn to make money. If some girls choose sex work for a living I have absolutley no problem with that. I just chose to make it on my skills first. Now I am older, proud of what I have accomplished in my youth and I am enjoying a new career and seeing what my body brings.

My sex work is not responsive to conditions of hardships or drugs as many assume but chosen with a desire to have fun with my femininity. C'mon and look at my site, Geez. I take pictures with spiders! Don't take it so seriously, I don't. I do not mind the question. It represents many people's feelings, which is why I am taking the time to answer it but it really shows how narrow minded people are in regards to sex.

Q-Does size matter?

A- Not to me, if it did I wouldn't have married my husband Hah! However, his tongue never goes limp so I am a happy girl. But really , no, not at all. I have a tight pussy and if its too big it hurts. I am very pleased by just the averaged sized cock.


Q- Anal? Double Penetration?

A- . Oh hell no!!! I'll do anal for my husband only but no interest at all. Sorry guys, just not my thing. If we do it you will have to settle for doing me doggie style, you get the same view.

Q- Some of your photos/videos have you with other women. Are you bi-Sexual?

A- I have been called a Bi-Tease because I am not bi-sexual. I do very litle to other girls. I do think women are pretty, I enjoy kissing them, touching their breats but that's all I really like. I don't get off sexually on it. It's more about enjoying something pretty to me, not a sexual thing. I will let a girl go down on me for photos and such but it's not really what I am into.

Q- What are your views on nudity and women posing nude?

A- It is awesome. It can be slutty and fun, just meant to get you to cum or it can be very erotic and beautiful. One of the joys I get from being a woman is that the female form can project such beauty. I personally love to see a well-done nude, not for sexual excitement but the art involved. Bare flesh is so appealing to the eye combined with the right background and a good sense of color from the photographer you can create a piece of art that lives forever. I hope to do that myself with some of my photos. Of course, not all the pictures on my site reach that standard but I have a few I am quite proud of.

Q- I read you and your husband are devout Christians, how do you do porn and proclaim to be Christian ?

A- Having to defend my views for so many years I feel I could write a book on this. At one time I believed that sex and nudity was a sin. I mean, why wouldn’t I? It was preached to me on Sundays for years but it got confusing. Some preachers said masturbation was a sin but others did not. Some preached that oral sex was a sin and again, others did not. They are all very educated men wanting only to share what is best but that proved one thing. Educated men could be wrong. So my husband and I decided we need to stop listening to what preachers say and to open the bible to see what God said. Oh My! Were we shocked.

There are so many levels to my answer I just cannot be brief as I’d like. I will try to keep this short and just touch on the most common issues about websites like mine. If anyone wants more clarification just hit me up on my Facebook page.

First, lets talk about definitions. Words mean things. These things can change. Definitions of a word today can greatly differ than in the time of these writings in the bible. You must look at what the writer was trying to convey by the definitions of his time not ours or you will experience so much confusion.

Here is an example of what I am saying that most can understand. Look at the popular Christmas carol “Deck the Halls” written in the 1800’s. Consider the line in the song “Don we now our GAY apparel.” When it was written GAY meant bright colored or party clothing. By 1970 the word GAY had a new meaning in America. Instead of party clothes I would be putting on ass-less chaps…Hmm, maybe it still does mean party clothes hah! How about a recent change. In 1950 if you told someone you went to the store and a girl at the checkout swiped your credit card that would mean she had it stolen it. Just 20 years later ‘swipe” has a more common use thanks to magnetic strips on the back of credit cards. So if you want to know what a text in the bible meant please think of what the context of the situation that the writer is trying to convey and to whom it is written to. It will help clear up a lot of confusion in reading the bible.

Pornography: from the word Pornia. In the bible Pornia covers illicit sex acts. Those considered illicit are listed as bestiality, incest, rape, pedophilia or sex in worship to idols but never consensual sex between anyone else. Quite different from today's meaning of porn. Today Porn is any photo or written description of sex for the purpose of excitement. Heck, the bible would be porn by todays standards then, just read the Song Of Solomon in the Old Testament. So yes, you see me having sex but I will never do a scene with incest, animals, rape or children. That is the biblical meaning of porn.

Nudity in public: God told Isaiah to preach for 3 years in Egypt nude. Did God tell Isaiah to sin? Of course not. There are times nudity is shameful and times it is not. Read the context of each situation.

Stripping: Two mentions of people stripping in front of others that I can find. King David and a Shulimite girl and neither one received any word of condemnation. Actually, when David’s wife (one of his wives, he had 17 ) complained God cursed her not David. If dancing naked was wrong wouldn’t God put an end to it right there?

Adultery: Today it means voluntary sexual intercourse between a married man and someone other than his wife or between a married woman and someone other than her husband. In the bible it meant any activity, not only sexual but any activity that would weaken or break the relationship. Not always a sexual activity. Just search the scriptures on how Israel committed adultery against God by worshiping idols. No sex there at all, just a broken commitment to worship only God. Lots of examples like that. If adultery was sex with someone other than your wife then King David has more to answer for that just Bathsheba because he had 17 wives and concubines. Heck, many of the major prophets had multiple sex partners and were not stoned to death. Why? Because adultery then was not as we define it today. You must learn what the original writers meant.

Swinging/Polygamy: Just look at the many prophets that had multiple wives and sex slaves and never a single word of correction from God. The second (or possibly the first) marriage mentioned in the bible was Lamech and it was a polygamous marriage. If it was wrong why didn’t God mention something there right at the begining? Why? Because it is not wrong as long as long as it is consensual. I am not saying everyone should do it but that it is society that decided this was wrong not God.

Lust: There is a big difference between desire and lust. If my photos and videos encourage a guy with to get a hard on and want to fuck me, that is fine. That is just desire and not sin. However, when he wants to make me his wife and take me away from my husband that is the sin of lust. If sinful lust is the same as normal desire then we are all sinning because every one of us desired our mates at one time.

Q- You had a non-nude website for over a decade but in 2008 you changed to a full nude site and then came out with DVD'st that show you giving blow jobs, performing masturbation and more. Was that a hard decision to make?

A- Not at all. I do things in my own timing and it was time. I never wanted to do porn for the money. I wanted to finish my career in the mainstream first. Now I look forward to go further in the adult business as I am. I always loved doing the non-nude photos and shot thousands of full nude at the same time knowing that one day I would do this. I am sure I could have made more money doing it when I was younger but its really is fun now knowing that I can do it at my age. No...don't ask how old I am.

Q- You are a Swinger. Can you tell us about that?

A- I have been with my husband since 1991. Our marrage is not based on sex, it is based on unconditional love, commitment and devotion. Sex with each other can be a beautiful experssion of love or it can be just a fun physical activity. When I am with some other guy it is just fucking. My husband and I have no jealousy issues. We do not believe that once you get married everyone else in the world instantly becomes undesirable so we chose to enjoy it. I would be much more concerned over my husband sharing a tender moment with some girl than fucking her. I know he finds me attractive but sometimes he may want a blond with bigger boobs or I may want a guy with a bigger dick. We let each other enjoy that. He is all I need. We would stop right now if he wanted. I wouldnt miss it any more than I would miss any hobby. It's just sex. Sex is a physical activity and it's meaning is what you give it. For my husband I put love into it, for my boy toys I just put my body there for the moment of fun. Swinging is is not for every marriage but neither is having children or marrying somene of a different religion. Each couple has to make their own decisions on such issues. I hope you make the right one. For us its working just fine.

Q- Tell us about your Private Home Sex tape Collection.

A- It's just what you think. Me having sex with my husband, friends or guys I meet. No acting, you wont see me throwing my hair around screaming or faking stuff like I would do in a real movie. It is real sex. I'll hand a camera to my partner and we go at it. So it is lots of POV (Point of View) shots but I think the reason it is so popular is becasue it is real. Also the Cell Phone Clips are a big favorite. These days everyone has a cell phone that does video. Guys always want to video tape me sucking their cocks. I collected many of these and put them back to back for one long clip. It's mostly blow jobs ( because that is my favorite thing) and it has been my best seller.

Q- My last question and I know you are going to shoot me down but any chance of you and me hooking up? I'm 5'10 body builder and...

A- Well, like I said earlier in this phone call, I have a thing for skinny young guys with long hair, eyeliner, and tattoos. So if you know any guys that look like Dave Navarro then get them over here, I'll be the naked girl meeting them at the airport waving to them with a box of condoms.