Interview with The SnakeBabe about Magic

snakebabe snake print body painted at Spike TV AXE body spray promo
This site is more than a promotional tool for me.

Q- Don't you think you are hurting women and magic by being overly sexy?

A- My goal in performing is not to advance the art of magic but to simply entertain. Not every magic show or trick has to be Award Winning to be fun.

From my website I think you can see about the only thing I am really passionate on is my care for animals. The rest of my life I don't take too seriously. Life is short. I want to have fun. To me, magic is fun, Modeling or playing dressup is fun. This web site is fun. That's my rules, is it legal and is it fun.

Now I don't think my little show has the power to hurt women or magic. Magic is just too strong; I'm just one girl in a sea of great talent. Now don't get me wrong I do feel that there is merit to my performance but I am no Copperfield. Obviously, the visual part is the first point of contact. But it's the performance that counts. You can't perform live and get by just on looks alone .

Bottom line is people laugh at my jokes and are fooled by my magic and applaud through out my show. I do my job. Simple. As for hurting women in general, I feel Sex empowers women. We are in total control of the # 1 force in our mans life. We decide when, we decide how, and we decide if it is ever going to happen. Being sexy does not hurt women, it is part of what gives them power.

Q- Your site does not have much magic on it.

A- I hear this often from both my magic fans and my reptile fans. I personally believe that my site offers plenty of each. The problem is in the presupposition of the viewer that this is ONLY a magic site or ONLY a reptile site. My career is multi-dimensional and so is my site, part magic, part animals and part internet- Model. I have begun sites like for those who want magic only and I offer an additional site for reptiles at so that each of my markets have something to refer to rather than this All Purpose site.

Q- Why don't you dance like other female magicians?

A- First, because I was hired to do magic and second because I don't dance. I have enough to do with fire, magic, snakes and costume changes so I leave the dancing to my assistants. They're awesome! I think it also blurs the line between the Magician and the assistant. Some female magicians take this as an attack on them since they dance. It is not meant as an attack, if those female magicians want to dance or sing or what ever it is their show not mine. Do what you want in your show; there is no right or wrong. I simply choose not to.

Q- Is it harder for a woman in magic than for a man?

A- I get this often and I honestly have to say no, not at all. I feel in most cases that it is easier for a woman. There are hundreds of male magicians out there who are much, much better than I am, yet their act will be ignored when an agent presents my tape due to the fact that I am a woman. I do not have to work as hard as a man works or even be held to the same high standards as a man. In modeling I have no problem with getting by on my looks, that is part of what modeling is. As for my show and the magic involved I choose to elevate myself to the levels that both male and female magicians hold for being a good performer, but I have no doubts that being a female makes my life easier. For the life of me I cannot understand where other female magicians get the idea that it is harder. My best guess is that they are not working for their audience but for other magicians, which for the most part is a boys club. This boys club has no effect on me, I do not work for magicians, and I work for my fans and the audience that pays me. When the audience is the boss it is not a "male" thing or a "female" thing, it is an "Entertainment" thing and I give it all got. In the same way Arnold Schwarzenegger uses his muscular body I use my feminine body.

Q- You have been called America's sexiest magician. Can you expand on that?

A- Sure, first let me say I do not call myself America's most talented magician or America's most technical magician. I am America's sexiest magician, I perform sexy magic. Now there are some out there whose idea of sexy magic is just doing it naked or topless. To me, that is not sexy that is just nudity. My style of sexy is more of the implied nudity along with naughty tongue in cheek humor.

If you are performing the dancing cane topless no one is looking at the trick, they're staring at the boobies! In my act boobies are not seen until after the magic is done and usually presented in a humorous manor. My show offers more of a tease factor than strip show.


Q- Where can I see your show?

A- I get asked this often but I do not perform very many public shows. I work what is known as the Corporate Market or private shows.

This is where a company or individual will come to town and want a magician to perform for their national convention or something like that. It is a private event held just for the company and its customers. Sometimes it is a stage show or simply entertainment in a convention booth to attract customers. I have only done one Las Vegas review.

I have had two offers in the last year to do casino shows but the money is not even half of what I am making in this market. Maybe someday.

Q- How do you compare to the other female magicians?

A- My Boobs are real! Just kidding, I do not compare my self to other female magicians. I compare myself to magicians. Their sex is not important to the comparison except that I look better in thigh high boots than David Copperfield.