Heat Panels

The Perfect Heat Source for Your Reptile or Other Pets
I don't think hot rocks are an efiicient heat system. I have experienced pet shops pushing them on me usually because they do not know any better and others do because it's big profits.

Under tank heaters can be ok but can get like frying pans and need to have a water bowl or thick unmovable substrate above to prevent your pet from hurting itself.

Light bulbs are very dangerous in a cage within your pets reach and outside of the cage usually offer little warmth for the entire cage.

Also, I think bulbs can dry out the skin over your humidity loving reptiles. Any heat source, even my heat panels should be in a place in your cage that allows your pet to go to a cooler side to regulate its temperature.

Now, onto the specs of the radiant heat panels. From their site at www.pro-products.com.

Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels

When you’re as serious about your heat source as you are about your animals©.

Our Pro HeatTM radiant panels are superior to any other type of heat source currently available! Pro HeatTM radiant panels are safer, less expensive to operate, more efficient, longer lasting than any other type of heat source.

  • pro heat radiant heat panelsCan’t catch on or cause a fire, period.
  • Are UL, ULC & CE listed as a finished product.
  • Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels are made from completely non-combustible materials, so pose no risk of a fire hazard, nor can they damage or injure anything in the cage.
  • Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels can be safely mounted directly against any type of surface.
  • Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels use an all aluminum construction with non-toxic materials, so they will never pose any risk of potential toxic out gassing or developing cracks in the surface as other panels can.
  • Unlike heat lamps and ceramic heat emitters, Pro HeatTM radiant panels are safe to the touch with no danger of burning and scarring your animals.
  • Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels are also protected with our revolutionary Bioshield anti-microbial treatment during the construction process. This provides a new level of long-term safety and protection by eliminating any bacteria, mold, fungus, mildew, algae or yeasts that could potentially hide in or on the surfaces of other heaters.
  • Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels distribute heat evenly over the entire surface with no hot spots.
Operating efficiency:

Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels are up to 80% more efficient as compared to other types of heaters, costing only pennies a day to operate, so will pay for themselves with these savings and then put those savings back into your pocket every year thereafter.

Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels have the highest BTU per watt output density of any brand sold, resulting in a smaller unit creating a better variable basking area and gradient across the enclosure.

Unlike some other plastic panels that sandwich a potentially unsafe heat element inside of an insulating shell, Pro HeatTM radiant panels use a safe, UL, CUL & CE listed bonded aluminum heating element that is the output surface along with proprietary surface coatings to maximize the energy emissivity from the panel. This allows more BTU’s to be emitted from the panel with lower internal temperatures and parasitic heat losses. When used as directed, our panels can never overheat and can be run continuously without any damage.

Eliminates the need and expense to continually replace heat lamps or ceramic heat emitters.

Best Heat Source:

Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels replicate the sun’s direct radiant warmth from above that reptiles have evolved with, allowing them to properly thermo-regulate and there is no need to have a top vent in an enclosure eliminating any chimney effect.

Pro HeatTM radiant panels will outperform any other type of heater. When you compare our rate of emissivity % and heat transfer efficiency along with a proven design that has been in production for over 30 years, no other product can compare with our panels.

Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels are specifically designed to operate in high humidity enclosures and will not dry out a cage as other types of heaters can, resulting in higher humidity levels, less condensation and a better environment for your animals.

Pro HeatTM radiant panels are the only panels that have received approvals from UL, CE and are ASTM rated to assure our customers that they are getting a superior product that is truly safe to use in your enclosure.

In addition to providing the best type of heat, Pro HeatTM radiant panels also provide added physiological benefits by lowering stress and improving your animal’s circulation, digestion, immune system and overall health.

With a thickness of only 1 inch and a uniformity in construction materials, our Pro HeatTM radiant panels provide a cleaner, less unobtrusive look than other types or brands of radiant heaters.

Longest Lasting:

Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels are made in the USA and are covered with a lifetime warranty on the housing, 10 year warranty on the heating element and have an expected service life of 50+ years as backed by independent university studies and a proven track record of consumer satisfaction for more than 30 years.

Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels are used by more zoos, professionals, hobbyists, theme parks, commercial & residential buildings than any other brand. Pro Heat? radiant panels have received many accolades, including Reptiles Magazine editor’s choice award for the best heat source.

Unlike our competition, before we sell you a heater, our knowledgeable staff will discuss your individual requirements, to provide one of our over 200 different Pro HeatTM radiant panels specifically matched for your enclosure and animals needs.

There are many factors that can affect which size Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels is correct for a particular application. In order to determine the correct panel they need to know the following information:

  • The size of the cage (L,W,H)
  • What the cage is made out of
  • How many vents are installed and where in the cage
  • What type of animal is being kept
  • What the ambient and low temperatures are in the room where the cage is being kept.
  • Is the cage being kept in a room with a concrete floor or in a basement.

With this information, they can recommend the exact size Pro Heat™ Radiant Panels your specific setup will require.

Also just so you know I do not make anything referring them so you can visit their website direct at www.pro-products.com to contact them. Their number is 845-628-8960. But please do tell them The SnakeBabe sent you, maybe I'll get a discount on the next panels I need when I get in new tenants. :-)

Thanks for looking for the best heat source for your pet!