Wow!I was not a happy camper on this one but it turned out to be a nice segment. See behind the scenes pics and read all about it in the members area.


No, I don't believe she really communicated with my snake but she was really great with the animals and it gave us a chance to reach many viewers with a message that snakes need love too.

Anyone in the magic industry knows Lance as one of the great guys of magic. I was so happy to be part of this program since at the time but my views on animals in magic have changed so much since then. I guess as you get more experience and see the things i've seen that can happen. Read interviews for more insights on animals in the entertainment industry.


Wow, I was so flattered to be the finale on a Lance Burton Special and so surprised to actually get a Magic Castle Award. This was a blast to tape!



To Tell The Truth is a game show that started back in the late 50’s. It was re-done a couple times and on the last incarnation around 2001 I was asked to be on it. Wow, what fun! they treated me so nice. Nothing like reality TV these days. Everyone was polite and interested in the snakes. So happy I got to be part of it.


Well, this was an experience to remember.


Robin is an international star who is quite popular here in Las Vegas. I bump into him at parties around town often. He was kind enough to invite me to be on his show even though I am not Rich and Famous. haha….


Old montage of a few snakey things I have been a part of in Las Vegas