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snakebabe snake print body painted at Spike TV AXE body spray promo
At the Spike TV "Order of the Serpentine" Axe event on Los Angeles.

This site is more than a promotional tool for me. It is also designed for helping Snakes and Reptile lovers all over the world. I purchased my first Reptile many years ago and since then have had hundreds of exotic pets come through the doors of my home. Currently I own 21 beautiful snakes. Unfortunately many of the abandoned animals do not make it but a few months due to the condition they are "Dropped-Off" in. Many people buy these exotic animals while they are still small but as they grow and their teeth grow they often become neglected and this results in illness.

I "adopt" these sick and dying animals and try to nurse them back to health. Many times I have been successful but too often the animal has been ignored for a very long time and is too far gone to do anything but make comfortable until it's passing or even sometimes just put to sleep if it is beyond hope. A very sad dilemma that I face willingly every day because of my love for animals. But why snakes? First, all animals we take into our homes deserve to be treated properly. I just have an unusual soft spot for reptiles and I am allergic to fur!!

These interviews are a collection of random questions and comments I often get. Some were asked of me from actual journalists for their articles or at public appearances and some were in emails.

Also, I want to make note when you read these interviews, rants, and opinions keep in mind I am very serious when it comes to the animals but everything else I do not take so seriously. Life is too short...